6 months flies by...

My, how time has flown by! I guess I've just been so busy (you know, the usual stuff- barking at the neighbor dogs, digging holes, chasing squirrels off the bird feeder, catching moles) that I haven't had a chance to blog in a long time! 2009 ended well, with some fun play dates with my sis, Selwyn. Sadly, my parents had to end the playdates because they are trying to grow a lawn. We've never really had grass, and I sure would like to roll around in it one day!

Sometimes Selwyn and I fight,

and play real rough...

...and then we make up

Nothing better than snuggling with my sis. This was my 2nd birthday gift. I love my new bed!

Christmas time usually means some kind of torture...well okay, I guess I started it.
New Year's Eve when my parents came home...
Daddy taught me to help him bring in the firewood! Yummy!
I help warm the bed before Mommy comes to bed.
I'm starting to get the feeling that something is going to change around here pretty soon...mom and dad keep saying things like, "you better enjoy this attention now, because pretty soon you won't be the center of our world." I mean, what is that supposed to mean? And, "this is the last time you'll be allowed up in bed to snuggle." They also emptied out a room and now it always smells like paint. They keep bringing stuff in there and I'm just not sure what to think...I'm a little worried. Not to mention that Mommy must be eating too much cake these days...she's getting a little chunky.
I guess I'll just have to cuddle up with my buddies for comfort...
I think Dad and I will be spending lots of quality time together from here on out. I love reading with him!
Me and my buddy, Zoe Shea!

See what I mean about mom putting on the lbs?!

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