I'm a big sis!

Introducing my new little sister, Isabelle! On July 2nd my parents nervously ran around the house and packed up bag and left me at my grandparents' house. Then my grandparents nervously ran around the house and left me for the entire night! It was very confusing! Then I finally came home on July 4th and got to lick the tiny hand of a precious little baby girl. All of the family came over (fun!) and and I managed to get a little attention. It was quite a day...then it ended with those horribly loud noises that come about this time every year.

This is me with mommy, just 2 days before they left me.
She smells yummy!Finally I get a walk! Liking the stroller...

This is the life.

I like to babysit.

Snuggling with sweet Isabelle.

Look at me too!
Many might think that Isabelle's arrival means less fun for me. Not so. Now people come visit all the time, and I know they come to see me too! And mom and dad are both hanging out a lot more...I figure out ways to position myself to make sure a hand is touching me as much as possible. I don't get quite as much sleep, though. Mom gets up at night all the time, and I like to keep her company.

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