a very crockett christmas

Christmas time was fun for me, despite the "headband" I was forced to wear occasionally. The best part about Christmas is the tree full of toys! I was especially interested in one of the many "mini me" toys on the tree. Here's my story:

The Christmas tree is apparently what santa created for doggies. It is a game in which I see what toy I can pull of the tree, I play with it for a little while, my mommy comes and yells at me and puts it back on the tree, and then I get a new toy off the tree. And the cycle continues!

This was my first Christmas tree toy experience. It was a "mini-me" hangin on the tree, so had to see what it was about.

"Hey buddy, you look just like me!"

Ha! Gotcha!!

Pretty yummy! Not quite as fun as the tree balls, but it will do for now.

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