my first birthday!!

I just turned one and had an awesome doggie party in our backyard. I made lots of new friends too! Thanks to all of you who came, especially Lucy, Clementine, Geronimo, Clara (Banjo), and Trout!
Of course I love my canine friends, but I really think the party would have been more fun if we had all hung out together! Thanks to AB and Sandi for playing with us!

So many great people were there, including my aunt and uncle, Libby and Mac, and my grandparents, Brian and Elise!! dogs!

And check out the beers! Dogfish, Black Dog Ale, Flying Dog, and Turbodog!

This is my birthday cake...yummy!

The milkbone was made for the humans. Finally they got to taste the goodness.

These are the favors for everyone: humans, dogs, and even kitties-who couldn't make it (darn!)
Human favors were dog shaped cookies!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME"This cake smells SO good! Who's gonna get the first bite?...

Nice work Trout!! He was not afraid! Here's Trout going in again! Getchya some, boy! My mom said she's never laughed so much! The girls are a bit more delicate...

Check out Geronimo in his cool gear!

We want in!

This was me after everyone left...I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Time for bed!

I just want to say Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu to everyone!!!! Woo hooooooooooo!

Check out the video:

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