how my life started

at seasons gold with my new mommy My life began on Seasons Gold Farm, where lots of other dogs and puppies were there to play with. Then one day a couple of humans grabbed me away and brought me into their home...I was terrified at first. I buried my head in my new mom's arms and cried most of the way home. It was all so new, so I carefully explored this new place. The first few nights were really bad...I was put in a cage and I didn't have my brothers and sisters nearby to snuggle with--very scary. I cried and yelped most of the night. Pretty soon I got used to it and decided that this place wasn't so bad afterall.

Finally able to relax at my new home with a nice cigar (er...stick):I loved to sleep underneath the couch!Daddy's slippers are my favorite pillows...I love to snuggle!

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