my buddy, selwyn

I have a friend named Selwyn and we have playdates every week. We both came from Seasons Gold Farm. I like to try to get her into trouble, like showing her the best spots to dig holes, and chewing up azalea bushes. We are working on a gardenia bush, but haven't quite finished it yet. We could play all day together...we share sticks and toys and cuddle in the shade when we're tired.

Selwyn's on the left, I'm on the right
Mmmmm...Azalea branches are the best!
I love it when my parents yell at me...this will surely work.


This is me and Selwyn's mommy, my Aunt Meg (before Selwyn was even born!).

Tug-a-War with Selwyn:

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win2ston said...

I miss my playmate and bff crockett! is your vacation over soon? i am looking forward to our next playdate and digging up your backyard. that is so much fun! your mom and dad ar so nice to let us play all day in their big back yard. I miss you crockett!!