crockett no bad dog

I always thought my name was Crockett Barks Dale, but sometimes my parents call me Crockett! No!! Bad Dog!!! I get confused, but either way, I usually just yell back at them when they yell my name. I'm very proud of my vocal cords. Here are some times when I've been called that other name a lot.

Selwyn helped me get rid of this Azalea bush. Fun!

One more branch, and the job's done.Haoouuuuuuuuu....Yipee!!One day I decided the freshly planted flowers next to the stairs needed to be dug out. What an eyesore they were! Now, much better.Now, here's where that azalea bush used to be. Maybe there are more deep in the ground...let's see.Dig, dig, dig, dig

A week later, Dad decided to make a beautiful path and he tried to cover up my efforts to find the azaleas deep in the earth. So I fixed that. Look at my beautiful hole!!

This was the day that mom brought home a swimming pool! I LOVE water. It was such fun! Then I decided it would be fun to knock her camera out of her hand! I thought she'd like to get a new camera. Then I chewed up the pool.

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