doggie heaven

Well, I've officially found heaven on earth. This summer my family brought me to an amazing place called Glenora. It was a huge forest with a giant pool of water, and there were no gates, fences, or even doors. I was free to run wild and explore all day long! I spent everyday chasing rabbits and deer, swimming, rolling in the mud, meeting new people, barking at strange noises, and having the time of my life. I've got lots of stories and here are some of them.

It was a really really long car ride up to Glenora, and I was excited the whole time!

This is the house we stayed in- it was made out of really big sticks! Mmmm!

I ruled the porch.

I went kayaking!

We went to some really cool waterfalls...I was quite the daredevil.

A proud moment.

One day I stuck my nose in a hole and next thing I knew, there were little things swarming around me and buzzing loudly. Then my nose blew up really big and I was cross-eyed for a few days.

I can't wait to go back!

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